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Delivery free is included for the following areas:

Oakland Township -Rochester - Rochester Hills - Troy- Shelby Township - Romeo

  • Orders are taken on first come first serve basis, we have limited quantities, if you would like to leave cash or check please contact us to set up a customer account

Dozen Organic Eggs. 12 count - Various Colors

Opciones de precios
Compra única
Egg-Run Weekly
Subscribe and save 0.50 cents per dozen!
$6,51cada semana durante 4 semanas
Egg-Run Bi-weekly
Subscribe and save 0.50 cents per dozen!
$6,51cada 2 semanas durante 8 semanas
Egg-run once a month
Subscribe to ensure delivery every month!
$6,51cada mes durante 4 meses
  • The eggs we sell are clean and unwashed, this means the natural coating protecting the eggs called the "bloom" remains on the shell  therefore protects them from contamination, this also means the eggs stay fresh longer

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