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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the decisions you are forced to make?

Well, it has been a long journey on this adventure of farming, it isn't an easy job! you are constantly dreaming of doing so many things with your animals and land but then comes the economic factor and the labor... Yes! it's a hobby, a passion and a business and very hard work!

I am blessed to have an amazing family, close and distant. They all cheer me up and support me positively in every possible way. Still it is not easy to balance life with a chronic illness and find the strength to get up, go to work and come to labor in the farm. However, God gave me this project way before things got complicated because he knew I would find therapy in every little detail of farming.

We bought a little piece of land that needed some real TLC. There's acreage of broken trees, wet areas and unproductive weeds. We and the goats have been working hard to clean. Jim is now the real farmer! Yes, believe it or not my city boy has become a mini red neck y'all!

The chain saw has become a real friend, lol.

I have been wanting a tractor for a while to manage the heavy stuff, I am 5' 2" and 110Lbs..with some strength but some days the wind gets knocked out of me when I overdo. It came the time to bite the bullet and decide on equipment to move tree logs for milling and after much discussions and research we opted in for a Skid Steer, it has the lifting capacity we need and the advantage to use the same multiple attachments a tractor can use. It's an expensive investment but a positive asset.

Mayah is learning how to drive it and so far in couple weeks we have done so much! I cannot wait to see the outcome in a year from now!


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