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About our Goats

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Breed: Kiko (KEE-kho) we are raising pure breed PB and recently started breeding with a 100% New Zealand buck.

If you are not familiar to the breed, their type is generally use for meat, their name actually means "flesh" in Maori language.

Kikos have proved to be extremely hardy, their generics are parasite resistant hence with proper feed and forage their meat is stellar with no added antibiotics.


Here at Usaquen we treat our goats with love and lots of care, we preserve the land forage to allow them to grow in their natural habitat and they are rotated through purposely planted fields offering them the option to feed in great grasses and cover crops, no growth hormones in feed or genetically modified supplements.

*Goat meat needs to be cooked slowly, visit our recipes page for ideas.

If you are a breeder interested in buying goats "meet the herd" for upcoming available does and kids.


Las Chicas

Brand new project! We are practicing a moderated permaculture farming, allowing all natural resources to complement each other so this year we are happy to introduce Las Chicas to our animals family!


Our new hens will be laying colorful eggs soon, raised on free range untreated fields, their diet is supplemented with 100% organic GM free grains. They get to stroll the worm village in our compost for delicious red worms and receive vegetable and fruit scraps daily.

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