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Goat Brush and Weed Removal



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Our goats like to work and remove those invasive shrubs and vegetation difficult to control. Completely Eco- friendly. No Chemical ROUND UP issues or landscape equipment fumes

Land clearing with goats is a  better way than weed eaters and bulldozers, completely eco-friendly and affordable!

We are a small herd and perform a little different than most rent a goat services, our services are geared for small acreage and people who would like to enjoy interacting with the goats. These fine ruminants are very especial! They offer a service but are also are a kind  happy animal to be around.

Before renting our goats, we ask for specific information to help us quote time, number of goats required and valuable information to help us assess the land.


For more information, and set up a consultation please contact us!

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If you ever dreamed of owning goats and interact with them, we will help and assign you few small chores and ways to spend some time with them.

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